It has been a long journey for me didn’t think I would survive but God had other plans for me. I was beaten every day and belittled being told I was nothing and that no one would ever want me because I wasn’t a real woman anymore. And I was broken to the point that I give up hope and stop believing in myself because being beaten every day I was starting to believe that I was nothing and that no one would ever want me because I am a breast cancer survivor and I really needed to get used to being treated like I don’t matter. You really start believing that when you are told that every day. Being treated like that not because of the person I am but because I told someone I was a survivor, But after the hell, I had to deal with music was the only thing that kept me alive and I am so thankful for all the publications I have been in and the few friends that believed in me and helped me to not give up on myself. Going through the hell I went through made me want to help other survivors know that they matter and don’t let anyone belittle you or make you feel broken because you are not the disease. No one would ever understand what you are going through because they could never feel your hurt or pain. But hold your head up high and keep telling yourself that I matter and that the right one will find you and make you forget about the hell you have been living. My music is touching the right people and I am so blessed for that. Just remember that no one knows the hell someone is going through because they are not you so let them judge you and talk about you just keep living life.


Published by linlw2003

I am a published author of (Forbidden and broken finding love behind the scars), a recording artist of (Missing you Love again) And my new single called need love ft superstar Lamar., and a nurse. and a mother of four. I am also a breast cancer survivor that wants to help other breast cancer survivors believe and find love again after breast cancer.

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